Hi, I’m Ed – What’s your major? November 6, 2015

Ian Welham says “Hi, I’m Ed – What’s your major?”


Plymouth State University in New Hampshire offers a Health and Human Performance major that includes backpacking through the White Mountains or kayaking off the Baja coast. Students study personal relationships, philosophy and theory, as well as the administration of outdoor programs.

The University of Connecticut offers Puppet Arts as a major.

In 2010, Jordan “The Great Jordini” Goldklang became Indiana University’s first graduate majoring in magic.

At Carnegie Mellon University, you can major in playing the bagpipes.

Interesting majors, all. How practical they are, I’m not sure. At the very least, I’m guessing they’re not on the same earning scale as engineering, computer science, economics or finance, for example.

How much consideration are you giving to your child’s major? How much time has your child spent talking to his or her guidance counselor about it? I’m guessing very little. Yet if you look at college (as you should) as a 40-year decision instead of a 4-year decision…

In many ways the major you choose is more important than the college you choose.

Recently we started using a new assessment to help students find economically-sound careers and majors that are a scientific best fit. The test measures behaviors, interests, personality, needs, and stress factors. It’s remarkably accurate and reveals how you’re hard-wired — what makes you tick.

NASA, the World Bank, IBM, Procter & Gamble, and other leading companies use it to uncover an individual’s success triggers – what tasks and work environment are most likely to help an individual not just succeed, but thrive.

We’ve adapted it to help students zero in on careers that match their unique interests and talents, and give them real-world marketable skills.

And better job prospects than, say, a puppet arts major.

We’re not trying to pigeon-hole students, or pressure them to make a lifelong decision at an early age. But rather, to help them make good choices that will pay off in both college and career success.

If you’re curious to see how it works, check out the video I made at: http://www.collegeprep2.completecollegeplanningsolutions.com/

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