The subject of getting into college – everyone’s got an opinion December 17, 2015

Ian Welham  the subject of getting into college.

Dear Friends,

Nothing brings out rumor, innuendo and hearsay more than the subject of getting into college.

Everyone’s got an opinion – each wackier and more uninformed than the next.

Unchecked rumors are what cause families to apply for early decision when they shouldn’t… apply to 27 colleges… get hammered on the college bill because they were told there was no point to applying for financial aid.

When the gossip wheel gets turning — neighbors chitchatting, teens yakking — the distorted facts pile up on top of each other, obscuring truth and reason.

The problem is, hear enough pabulum, and you can find yourself starting to believe it.

Case in point: One of our brightest and most accomplished seniors applied to 10 elite colleges, three by early acceptance. This student is a gem; I won’t be surprised if she gets accepted at all 10 schools. But for some reason, she was late to hear from her early-action schools. As the days went by and her friends’ acceptance letters continued to arrive while her mailbox remained empty, doubt began to creep in. Listening to the speculation of prying parents and the views of well-meaning but clueless friends, she began to wonder, “Did I do something wrong on the application?”… “Were my essays off the mark?”… “Did I choose the wrong teachers to write recommendations?”

It was around this point that I asked her what she thought her chances were at her first early-action school (a very competitive university). “Around 50-50,” was her reply.

Long story short: Her acceptance envelope eventually arrived. Not only was she accepted, but also the admissions department congratulated her for being among the top 5% of all applicants (this school attracts over 30,000 applications).

I thought, if this cream-of-the-crop student can be convinced that she was a barely middle-of-the-road candidate, it could happen to anyone.

My advice: beware the scuttlebutt. Be vigilant against the rumors… If you’ve done the work and followed our guidance, you’re going to be fine.

Warmest wishes,

Ian “The Professor” Welham
Certified College Funding Advisor

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