Turning the Table on Colleges February 22, 2016

Ian Welham talks about protecting your college investment.


College these days costs as much as a house.

What do you do when you buy a house?

You get homeowners insurance. Why? To protect your investment, right?

Too bad there isn’t any such thing as college insurance — to protect your $200,000+ investment.

But alas, maybe there is.

Most parents I meet are willing to sacrifice for the good of their kids. But with today’s sky-high tuition costs, families — even high-income families — are questioning whether college is worth it.

Many wonder: Does it make sense to drain our savings on a bunch of maybes?

MAYBE our child will pick the right-fit college.

MAYBE she’ll choose a major that’s not a dead end.

MAYBE he’ll be one of the lucky ones to get a job and be able to support himself and not have to live in our basement.

Maybe . . .

. . . Or maybe not.

The stakes are high.

It seems like colleges always have the upper hand.

THEY decide who gets in and who gets turned away.

THEY dictate how much aid to give.

THEY determine how many years your child will be paying off costly student loans.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wrestle back control so YOU have the upper hand?

How can we know for sure that college is going to be worth it even before we write that first-semester check? Is there a way to ensure our student’s success – not just during the 4 years they’re in college – but in the 40 years to follow, as they pursue their career and life goals?

The answer is absolutely YES – but . . .

It requires a different approach. An approach that runs counter to what your neighbors and teachers and guidance counselor are telling you.

In fact, it flips the traditional college planning process on its head.

It’s a simple way to prevent a $200,000 mistake, take away the MAYBE’s, and put the control in YOUR hands and not the college’s.

Send an email to info@completecollegeplanningsolutions.com if you’d like to learn more.


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