Ian Welham and his wife Linda have been married for 25 years and have twin daughters; Heather and Francesca. Heather is a student at the University of Miami. Francesca attends college at the University of Delaware.

Ian is one of New Jersey’s leading college funding advisors and specializes in solving cash flow problems for families. His passion is to educate parents on how to beat the high cost of college.

After getting saddled with $100,000 in college costs in his daughters’ first year of college, Ian went on a mission to find all the need- and merit-based aid that none of the “experts” had told him about. He co-founded Complete College Planning Solutions to educate other parents who agree that college costs have gotten out of control. His clients are mostly “forgotten” middle class families who desire a top public or private university education for their children. They are willing to pay their “fair share” but see no reason to overpay when money is available to them.

The Kinds of Families We Work With

According to Ian, “We’re selective about who we choose to work with. We work only with clients we believe we can help to improve cash flow and dramatically lower their college costs. If we don’t feel we can help you, we’ll tell you right up front. Our philosophy is, it’s not worth taking on a client who won’t be thrilled with the result. We only want raving fans because raving fans tell their friends.”

Ian lives in Westfield, NJ. He is an avid Manchester United “football” fan, and an even more avid golfer. But most of all he loves spending time with his wife and children; they really are his greatest passion.



Complete College Planning Solutions Co-Founder Paul Partridge lives in Westfield with his wife Lynne.

They have two daughters, Emma and Grace. Emma attends the University of Notre Dame and Grace attends Westfield High School

Both Paul and Lynne are graduates of the University of Notre Dame. "Back when it was easier to get in," says Paul, and "when annual tuition and room and board together were less than $6,000."

After working for some of the world’s top marketing companies for 20 years, Paul decided to indulge a long-standing passion by getting involved in post-secondary education. Today, when he’s not helping parents solve the cash flow crunch for college or helping transition teenagers from high school to college, he creates online courses for schools and businesses.

He enjoy golf, music, and attending high school music, theater and sporting events.

Paul Partridge (far right) sits on the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Committee

Paul Partridge (far right) sits on the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Committee

Our offices at 500 Morris Avenue in Springfield

Our offices at 500 Morris Avenue in Springfield

At our FREE College Funding Workshop, you’ll learn reliable, dependable and PROVEN ways to dramatically lower tuition costs, including:

  • How to pay for college without robbing your retirement fund.
  • How to pay the college bill and still have a life.
  • How millionaires use the tax code to drop college costs by 20-30%.
  • How shopping for schools can save $10,000.
  • How it’s possible to send your child to an elite private college for less out of pocket than a “cheaper” state school
  • How to know IN ADVANCE how much tuition relief a school will give you child

Complete College Planning Solutions featured in “Inside Business.”

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Inside Business


Complete College Planning Solutions in the Westfield Leader

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Westfield Leader

Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working With Complete College Planning Solutions

  1. We show you how to get money from colleges (including elite schools) even if you don’t qualify for need-based aid.
  2. We show you what to do right now if you haven’t saved a single dime for college, or, what to do if you did plan & save…but…it’s not enough, you lost it all in the market, or you had to spend it somewhere else.
  3. We hold your hand through every step of the process, showing you exactly what to do and what NOT to do so you avoid the mistakes that disqualify you from aid – including what to do if you’re under-awarded by the college
  4. By helping you fill out the FAFSA form, institutional forms and other required paperwork, we eliminate one of the biggest headaches parents struggle with.
  5. We help you maximize aid from your child’s “first-choice” college so you don’t have to say “I’m sorry, we can’t afford it.”
  6. We steer you clear of the most common and costly mistakes that 95% of parents make in paying for college.
  7. We show you dozens of 100% legal ways to leverage the tax code to get your Uncle Sam to contribute more to the college bill.
  8. We guide your son or daughter through the entire college preparation process:
    • choosing a major and a career
    • college search & visits (the right way and the wrong way)
    • college application assistance (how to put your best foot forward)
    • how to get the most effective letters of recommendation
    • admissions essay service (professional one-on-one guidance from essay topic choice through final version)
    • the admissions interview (do’s and don’ts that make a big difference)
  9. We play “drill sergeant” to make sure your child meets his/her deadlines.
  10. We relieve you of the burden of 1,001 details and hours of worry and aggravation… saving your family from the stress and strife associated with the college application process.

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Complete College Planning Solutions was proud to sponsor “Play for Pink” volleyball breast cancer fundraiser at Westfield High School — one of the most successful fundraisers in the town’s history.

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