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“9 New Ways To Beat
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Daniel Wansten
Founder: Professional Education Services

Dear Friend:

I know you’re the parent of a college-bound student, and you’re probably wondering how in the world you are going to pay for it! You have every right to be concerned since the average cost of a 4-year college education today is between $100,000-$250,000.

If you’re like most folks, you’ll probably end up mortgaging your house to the hilt, or spending your entire life’s savings to muster up enough money to send your child to college. Or, even worse, if you don’t have a lot of home equity or money in the bank, you’ll end up sending your child to the least expensive school rather than the best college they can get into.

Either way, you’ll probably end up feeling guilty, frustrated, and angry when you have to tell your child the truth – “I just can’t afford to send you to the college of your choice, you’ll have to settle for a state university or local community college.

What if I told you that, in most cases, you don’t have to make these painful decisions. . .

Here’s The Good News. . .

My name is Daniel Wansten. I am Founder of Professional Education Services. Professional Education Services is the Nation’s Leading Education Consulting Firm. Our affiliate planners such as Ian Welham in New Jersey are the finest College Funding Advisors from around the country. They are trained and certified to help every parent find a way to send their kids to college and still have a life and be able to retire.

I guarantee you will discover how to beat the high cost of college-or you
don’t pay us a single dime!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it really is possible! In fact, many families discover they can send their child to an expensive private university for less than the cost of a state college!

I guess you’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this? The answer is quite simple. We have personally helped parents like you to send their children to expensive private and state universities that they never thought they could afford…

And There’s A Good Chance
We Can Do The Same For YOU!

This report will act as a special gift certificate worth $250 for 1-hour diagnostic evaluation with Complete College Planning Solutions, valid for the next 21 days only.

During Your FREE $250 Consultation,
Ian Welham Will Reveal These “9 New Secrets
To Beating The High Cost Of College”:

Secret #1. Why Some Middle-Class and Upper-Middle
Class Parents Pay Close To Nothing For Their
Children’s College Education!

Most middle and upper-middle class parents automatically assume they won’t be eligible for financial aid if they make over $100,000 per year, and they own a home.

In most cases, these parents are eligible for some forms of financial aid since the formulas also take into consideration the total number of family members, how many of these family members will be attending college at the same time, the cost of the colleges and universities being applied to, etc. Don’t assume you won’t be eligible.

We’ve even discovered a way for higher income, higher tax bracket families earning over $200,000 a year to pay for college …on a tax favored basis.

Secret #2. Why High School “Financial Aid Nights”
And High School Guidance Counselors Can Be
Hazardous To Your Wealth!

Many parents unknowingly assume that all of their concerns will be answered at the high school “Financial Aid Night” or by their child’s guidance counselor. Unfortunately, this rarely turns out to be the case.

We applaud our nations’ guidance counselors, but they are often too bogged down dealing with issues such as teenage pregnancy, drugs, helping students pick colleges, etc., to devote the adequate amount of time necessary to help each individual parent apply for financial aid and go through the placement process for their child.

Financial Aid Nights primarily focus on how to fill out the forms. They do not explain how to legally and ethically maximize your eligibility for financial aid by doing “income and asset” planning. They also do not help you pick schools based on each schools ability to give you a good financial aid package. And lastly, they will not show you how to navigate through the system to get the best possible financial aid package from each school.

All in all, go to your Financial Aid Night, but DON’T expect it to solve all your problems.

Secret #3. How To Send Your Child To An Expensive
Private University For Less Than A State School!
(This one really amazes my clients!)

Believe it or not, some private schools end up being cheaper than a state school or a local community college.

How can this be you ask?

Let me explain. . .

No matter what school your child applies to, you will have to pay your “Family Contribution”, which is the minimum amount of money the government will expect your family to pay at any school.

So let’s say your child applies to two schools – one private university and one state college. The private school costs $35,000 per year and the state school costs $18,000 per year.

Let’s assume your family contribution is calculated to be $10,000 – which is the minimum the government expects you to pay towards either school.

But here’s what happens. Because the private university has a large endowment and a lot of money to give out, they end up offering you financial aid that will cover all expenses above $10,000 – so all you pay out of pocket to send your child to a $35,000 a year school is $10,000.

Unfortunately, the state school does NOT have a lot of money to give out, and all they offer you is $2,000 in aid – so you end up paying $10,000 plus the $6,000 they left you short by for a total of $16,000.

It actually ends up cheaper to send your child to the private school.

Secret #4. How To Lower Your “Out-of-Pocket” Costs,
And Get The Maximum Amount Of Money From Each School !
(Just like a good C.P.A. can minimize your tax liability,
we can show you how to set up your financial situation
in the most favorable terms legally allowable!)

Certain assets are counted much more heavily in the financial aid formulas than others. Where you keep your money could mean the difference between getting $10,000 in financial aid or getting nothing. If you don’t know how to legally and ethically plan for cash flow solutions, you could end up losing thousands in financial aid.

Secret #5. How To Pick Colleges That Will Give You
The Best Financial Aid Packages – More FREE Money, Less Loans!
(Why waste your time applying to schools that will
never give you the money you need?)

Some schools are well-endowed and have the ability to award a lot of money to students. Other schools have very little money to give away.

It’s important for you to know this information before you ever apply to a school.

By knowing, in advance, which schools give the best financial aid packages, you can have your child pick schools that they have the best shot of getting money from.

This way, you don’t waste time and money applying to and visiting schools you will never be able to afford.

Secret #6. How To Fill Out The Complicated Financial Aid Forms
Accurately and On-Time! Over 90% Go In With Errors!
(If this happens, you will lose most or all
of your eligibility for financial aid!)

Did you know that according to the Department of Education, over 90% of all financial aid forms go in with errors or inconsistencies?

Simple mistakes like omitting a social security number, using white-out to make corrections, and not registering a male student for the selective service can actually “bump” a form.

If this happens, you will have to reprocess your financial aid Forms, which will take another 4-6 weeks.

Since financial aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis, it is imperative that you get your forms in accurately and on time, or you will miss out on thousands of dollars in financial aid that you would have been eligible for.

Secret #7. How To Locate and Apply For Every “Need-Based”
Scholarship, Grant, and Low-Interest Loan That Your Child
May Be Eligible For!

Leave no stone unturned when searching for money for college. Be sure to apply for all “need-based” sources of funding through the Federal government, the state of New Jersey, and the colleges and universities your child is applying to. Most of these financial aid programs can be applied for by simply filling out the Federal form (the FAFSA) and, in some cases, the Institutional Form (the Financial Aid Profile).

Secret #8. How To Pay For Your Child’s Education
On A Tax Favored Basis! (I’ve used this technique
to help my higher tax bracket clients who don’t qualify
for need based financial aid!)

Do you make in excess of $200,000 a year?

If you answered “Yes”, there’s a good chance you won’t qualify for need-based aid (unless you have multiple kids in college at the same time).

But what if I told you there is a way for you to make college tuition tax deductible? Do you think that might save you some money?

On average, we can show higher income clients how to save over $10,000 a year in taxes!

Did you also know that unless you get started before your students’ Sophomore or Junior Year of High School you might miss out on the best strategies available? That could mean the loss of more that you know!

Secret #9. How To Send Your Child To The College
Of Their Choice Without Spending Your Life’s Savings Or
Paying Out Of Your Current Income!

Just like a good CPA can help you lower your tax liability, a good college funding consultant can help you get more money for your child’s college education. But before you pick a college education consultant, make sure they offer complete planning to help you four ways:

  1. Cash Flow Solution to pay the college bill in the most efficient manner, (tax deferred if possible!)
  2. Pay for college without getting divorced!
  3. Pay for college and still pay off your home!
  4. Pay for college and still retire successfully!

Complete College Planning Solutions can do this by our proprietary planning systems that will integrate four key disciplines:

  1. The Financial Aid System.
  2. The Tax Code over 153 Strategies for the college years alone.
  3. Sound Financial Planning Strategies.
  4. Education consulting strategies.

Maximum cash flow saving can oily be possible by combining all four disciplines in harmony on top each other! Otherwise you could waste over $10,000 or more!

Not taking advantage of any of these “9 Secrets” could literally cost you thousands of dollars in lost financial aid that you may be eligible to receive. Don’t let this happen to you! Especially since with our services there is no obligation and there will never be pressure to buy anything! I guarantee it! Just bring in your biggest worries to the free consultation! We want to help!

Why would I help you for Free? It is simple. If we help you, will you help us? I hope so. In exchange for your free hour will you tell other parents you know who plan to send their kids to college to also give Ian a call? That’s it!

I may or may not have the answer to your college financing problems, but don’t you think it’s worth a phone call and a couple of minutes of your time to find out!

There is no obligation, and if nothing else, you’ll learn a great deal about the college financial aid process. So pick up the phone and call Ian Welham now.

You can reach Ian at 908-857-4200 during normal business hours.

Why Am I Making You This Generous Offer? . . .

Because I have a feeling that once you see how much money and time we can save you, there’s a very good chance that you will end up becoming one of our next happy customers.

Remember, financial aid is awarded on a first come-first served basis. So, it is imperative that you start your planning immediately since waiting can severely limit your chances of receiving the maximum amount of financial aid!

So, pick up the phone and call Ian Welham now at 908-857-4200. We’ll be waiting to hear from you. . .


Daniel Wansten , CCPS; (Certified College Planning Specialist)
Founder: Professional Education Services

P.S. Remember, this report will act as your FREE consultation certificate but it is only valid for 21 days from the time you downloaded this letter. After that, you will have to pay the normal hourly fee of $250 (which is still a bargain). So pick up the phone and schedule your FREE College Funding Meeting today! Call 908-857-4200.

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